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webassets/hat_.jpgShelby Mechanical Inc. 
promotes our "Safety First" work program as the only way to do business.

Shelby Mechanical Inc. has worked hard to maintain an excellent safety record.  We believe a successful safety program depends on the culture created through safe work practices.

Shelby Mechanical Inc. believes a culture that is serious about safety enables us to provide a "Safety First" environment for all our employees and customers.  This culture must be instilled into the work habits of every employee starting with the entry level craft upward through the executive level.

Shelby Mechanical Inc. management, supervisors, foreman, mechanics and our entire workforce are all responsible and accountability for a safe work environment for themselves and their co-workers

Our Safety Program revolves around planning, communicating, observing, and looking for ways to continually improve. This Program is the foundation for safe work practices, and includes:

  • Daily discussion of work task to establish safe work practices.
  • Employees that are empowered to stop work and notify a supervisor if they feel something is unsafe.
  • Weekly "Toolbox Talks"
  • Project Inspection Reports
  • OSHA 10-Hour Training for all of our supervisors.

We strive to weave a cultural thread of safety in our everyday activities. In doing so, we believe that working safely will become instinctive to our employees.

Shelby Mechanical Inc. demands the best of its professional and skilled personnel.  Particular emphasis is made on organized safe working methods and on correct technical procedures.  Shelby Mechanical Inc. promotes a corporate program that addresses resource development including the continued education of its employees through joint apprenticeship and training with Construction Building Trade groups, through Construction Management Institutes, and  in-house seminars and educational/training materials.

Company shop and field capability is supported by professional safety engineers and technical staff who remain  in current standards, codes, and regulatory requirements. 

Shelby Mechanical Inc. understands that sharpening management's tools and techniques, plugging the gaps in training and education, and harnessing research and technology is good business.